Hey guys! Long time no see! The amazing guys over at WizardWorld are hosting a virtual event for the show!! And you can be part of it for the free event or paid event! Join the cast and chat with them! Now is your chance to ask whatever you wish!

Are you coming? Information below:

Wizard World Virtual Experiences is bringing Marvel’s Runaways to the virtual screen on Saturday, June 6!
Join Lyrica Okano (Nico Minoru), Virginia Gardner (Karolina Dean), Ariela Barer (Gert Yorkes / Xavin), Angel Parker (Catherine Wilder), Annie Wersching (Leslie Dean), James Marsters (Victor Stein / Jonah), Brigid Brannagh (Stacey Yorkes / Jonah’s Wife), Brittany Ishibashi (Tina Minoru / Teena / Xavin as Tina), and Clarissa Thibeaux (Xavin / Unfamiliar Voice) for an interactive afternoon which includes a
FREE live moderated video Q&A, plus one-on-one video chats, recorded videos and autographs! This event starts at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.
Fans can virtually attend sessions on their computers and mobile devices.
As part of the event, FANS ACROSS THE GLOBE can:
Submit questions via chat during the FREE 45-minute panel featuring our celebrity guests (open to everyone, no entry fee to watch or submit)
Participate in a personal, exclusive two-minute live video chat with each celebrity (paid)
Purchase a recorded video from the nine guests (specifying the message if desired)
Purchase an autograph on an 8”x10” photo. (Shipping is included on all Autographs.)
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if you didn’t know, some fans have created a petition which you can sign for a season 4. But I will tell you that the chance of succes for that is 1% due to things going on with Disney and Marvel these days and also with Jeph leaving Marvel, a lot has changed inside the industry.

But if you do want to, I won’t stop you.



Time to write about Season 3.

So, I finished watching Season 3 and overal I think the season was pretty good. The beginning of the show was incredible good. I really liked the first 4 episodes. They were incredible. The Xavin scenes with Molly, the Runaways scenes. It was just amazing.

But, sometimes shows also have a few not so great scenes or storylines, and sadly season 3 of Runaways had some of those too.

Spoilers ahead!!









As a true fan to the comics, I absolutely believe the Gert resurrection was done in a very good way that was very believable. It was very well written and really made me feel a ton of emotions, as well as her death, both had a huge impact on me. It made me feel very satisfied and made me feel very connected to the show.

I also really liked how Nico’s storyline was done. Her connecting to a darkness was believable in a sense that, she killed someone, and she feels like she’s done something bad, she feels and finds out she has a darkness within her, it made sense.. a lot of sense..

Karolina fully being Nico’s light was very very nice to see. She even saw the dark in Nico and I feel like that would make anyone a little scared, since she wished to be with Nico. But even seeing her with Julie in the last one made sense too. Comic wise..

But, I didn’t understand Morgan Le Fay.. I actually feel like she was like a filler for the season.. And part of her storyline was a bit boring. I had myself look up who Morgan Le Fay was again several times. And maybe part of that is because of my disconnecting it with the original comics where she wasn’t part of it. I even felt myself at one point annoyed that she had so much screen time while I felt like the Runaways were missing. And no offence against Elisabeth who was incredible in acting the role. But I never felt like she was the threat.. The big bad, the darkness.. I wasn’t scared of her.. I was more scared of the Gibborim then I was about her. Even more scared for the mortal parents.

I was sad that the Gibborim storyline was killed of in this way. When you call an episode Rite of Thunder, you kind of expect that to happen. The episode was good, great even. It had the right amount of action. But one blast from Nico her staff and bamn killed of Gibs? Eh.. Am I missing something?

Where was Old Lace? I saw her a couple of times but I felt disconnected even to her while she was a core in the comics. They introduced her having this amazing power and be a weapon against the bad, and she was barely there. I get It, a dino takes many people to create, build, money wise probably a lot.. But Old Lace is the core of the original comics too. She wasn’t there now when the kids had a big fight. She was locked up to be protected? In Season 1 and 2 Old Lace was part of the group. I really missed her this season.

I did enjoy the crossover because it felt like a break from Morgan. The crossover was what made me like episode 7 cause they showed up in the last second. The crossover was done in a sense that it kind of made sense that they were there, I really liked the bridge from darkness that was made. That was insane! That stood out visually and everything. Seeing Alex go dark in that episode also in a sense made sense even if this Catherine wasn’t even real. It felt real. And man, Ty and Tandy they just were perfect, I really really liked them together and separate in these episodes showing their powers. It was really cool and their comments were very good.

I also liked Chase this season, having to back from being a bad guy in season 2 to being retrusted by Gert. That was important and a storyline that stood out and him with Gert is just cute. He’s even cute when he’s jealous.

Overall I liked the season, but missed the slow burn of Season 2.


1: 10

2: 9

3: 9

4: 8

5: 6.5 [ Kinda liked it, kinda didn’t. Weird cut from 4 to 5. Liked seeing Molly’s parents and Amy but was a messy episode, sorry.]

6: 5.5 [ Sorry ]

7: 5:5 [ Sorry ]

8: 9

9: 10

10: 10

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Season 3 is coming closer and closer and with the trailer they released some time ago we know that it’s the end. For some that may still feel like a painful subject to begin with. Knowing our beloved show is ending is pretty hurtful. But we should still all support the show by watching it.

And with Season 3 coming up. What are you most looking forward too? With the episode titles we can already suggest we will get a couple of flashbacks to the comics. One of them has the title called Rite of Thunder. If you don’t know what that is, don’t google it… It may spoil what might happen in the show if you do!

Below the trailer:

Screencaps can be found via the gallery!


Episode titles:

Smoke and Mirrors (07/17/2019) Written by: Terry McMillan
The Great Escape (07/17/2019) Written by: Warren Hsu Leonard
Lord of Lies (07/23/2019) Written by: Kirk A. Moore
Rite of Thunder (08/07/2019) Written by: Russ Cochrane
Enter The Dreamland (08/09/2019) Written by: Quinton Peeples
Merry Meet Again (08/19/2019) Written by: Ashley Wigfield
Devil’s Torture Chamber (08/29/2019) Written by: Warren Hsu Leonard & Stu Selonick
Left-Hand Path (09/03/2019) Written by: Tracy McMillan & Kendall Rogers
The Broken Circle (09/19/2019) Written by: Russ Cochrane & Kirk A. Moore
Cheat The Gallows (10/03/2019) Written by: Quinton Peeples


Titles are not in the correct order.


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Hey everyone,

So some of you have been wondering why I haven’t said anything regarding to the shows cancellation. One of the many reasons is that it’s not easy to loose a show you love so much, in a single of matter of time. But that’s not all. I’ve always been talking to a couple of people behind the scenes of the show and i’ve given them a proposal on doing something important. We want to set our thanks to the show not on a piece of paper, a tweet, or a FB message to them, no. We want to go big! We want to set up a billboard on TimeSquare and to do so, we need money, a loooot of it! Sadly [ sad emoji]. But if we all come together we may actually have a chance to make our message heard to the higher ups! After speaking to some very important people who are in the inner circle of the show, we’ve decided to go for it! Now to show you guys what our plans are i’ve inserted an image of what our billboard looks like! See if you can spot something very important.

Unit 130!

See it? Disney Store! Yep! We want to put on this message above the Disney Store. One to thank the cast and crew for all they have done as well as Disney and Hulu. Now why that you may ask? Delivering a possitive message is 10 times better then a negative one.

Our goal is 4000 dollars / 5000 Canadian. Now we know some of you may not have the funds or can get funds, for every 5 dollar we raise we can get closer to our goal.

Support the cause and let’s show Marvel / Disney / Hulu what this show means to all of us, and that we care! Love you guys.


Simy @simymonna aka Runaways_Fans and Sunil @sunilsdesigns

Did you see my instagram post yet about the repost for the RxRseries by Clarissa Thibeaux and Klarisa Tate?

Well if you haven’t, Clarissa send us the full video where she and Klarisa explain the entire project in one.

RXR Campaign Video from Clarissa Thibeaux on Vimeo.

If you can, support her Indiegogo campaign for her series! All little bits are appreciated.


Please do so, it can be as little as possible and every little bit helps.

Here’s a little summary about the series and why it’s important!

This story is so important to us because we are these characters. The year Clarissa was diagnosed was the same year Karisa was fired from her job and a loved one almost died. We got through that year because we had each other. Our story shows how two people can find laughter, relief, and friendship even while suffering through the unfairness of life.

About RxR

Clarissa and Karisa created this series after undergoing one of the hardest years of their lives. They laughed until they cried and took all those weird, uncomfortable moments and birthed Rylan and Rylee. They both realized they hadn’t seen or heard a story like this before. Rather than wait around hoping for it to make it to the screen, they decided to make it themselves.

We found several interviews which were done yesterday at New York Comic Con that we wish to share with you guys.
We listed them below for you guys to watch at your own time if you wish to know where she show is going this season! Are you excited? Let us know on social media!

Teases from the Runaways panel:

Top 5 Takeaways from the Marvel’s Runaways Panel

1. Tandy (Oliva Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) of Cloak & Dagger will crossover into Marvel’s “Runaways” in season 3. Loeb noted how important it is for the Runaways to “learn there are other young heroes like them.” He also hinted that Tandy and Tyrone will be “integral” to the season plot. It seemed as if the crossover event could take place across multiple episodes; however, Gardner mentioned “the whole Cloak & Dagger episode” as one of her favorite memories of the season, so perhaps it will only be one.

2. It was also hinted that perhaps the Runaways will be seen on Cloak & Dagger as well.

3. Elizabeth Hurley recorded a special video for the Comic-Con audience, sharing she will take the role of the big bad next season as the “greatest sorceress of all time,” Morgan le Fay.

4. Runaways comic creator Brian K. Vaughan surprised and delighted fans as well as the cast and crew by waiting in the fan line during the Q & A and then introducing himself with notes of thanks to everyone for their support of the series.

5. The first episode of season 3 showed just how complex and emotional the relationships can be on the show, particularly between romantic partners as well as parent and child, regardless of what actions have been taken. The episode ends with a shocking surprise.

thanks to GeeksOfDoom 

Photo’s of the event: http://marvelsrunaways-fans.com/galleryrunaways/index.php?/category/124

If we find more we will update this post with more videos. Stay tuned.


Yes that’s right! The season 3 trailer is officially LIVE! That means we got the deeds on Season 3 now right upon us!

Here’s the link to the Season 3 trailer

Link to the screencaptures of the trailer: http://marvelsrunaways-fans.com/galleryrunaways/index.php?/category/123

Also happy to announce we have a new gallery system! Which means we can upload more pictures and give you guys the best quality ever! Enjoy!!!

Link to Instagram for the Old Lace / Gert scene: Link

Hope you enjoy the trailers!

Also the official art for season 3 was released. You can find these in our new gallery via http://marvelsrunaways-fans.com/galleryrunaways/index.php?/category/121

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Season 3 is done with filming for the season which means the actors had a little party to celebrate the accomplishment of finishing this season. Of course we already know that season 3 will go live on the 13th of December 2019!. Which is in a few months! Look on the side bar!

In other news. If your in the Netherlands, like me, you can actually watch season 1 on Disney PLUS! Yep that’s right. We crazy Dutchies got access to Season 1 on Disney Plus already before anyone else! Thanks Disney.


Also check out my new video on Deanoru:

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