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A very interesting interview which Shadow and Act had with Angel!

Runaways may be one of Marvel’s lesser-known titles, but there’s certainly a lot going on in the story. What are fans going to see when they tune in?

This story is told with such nuance and such depth, there’s no real villain and hero. There’s times that both sides—the teenagers and the parents—make big mistakes…you’re presented with an opportunity, and you say yes or you say no. It’s kind of like the blue pill or the red pill. You don’t know which one to take, but once you go down that path, there’s no going back.

So we’re going to see this journey. We’re going to see how it began; where it started and where it’s taken them. And also the repercussions of their actions. We see characters struggling with the decisions that they’ve made and what it would cost them—many times, it costs them their lives. So the stakes are very, very high, but this is a story that’s told with real care. The storyline is told from every perspective.

The first episode is told from the kids’ perspective, and then the second episode is the same story but told from the parents’ perspective. So it’s the same scenes…but you get to see both sides of it. There will be times that you’re rooting for the so-called villain, and times you’ll understand what they did.


“So-called” villain is a good way to frame it, as you play one of the only parents who don’t have any actual powers.

That’s what’s so fun. The Wilders don’t have any special powers. Everyone has some sort of ability or some sort of aspect that helps them through our story, but the Wilders just have their brain power and leadership skills. It’s very relatable to fans of Marvel; basically superhuman people in normal situations, but what if you’re a normal human in a crazy situation? How does that affect you and the decisions you make then? It’s a fascinating story.

I love the part I play. I get to play a mom, a wife, a lawyer, a villain, a leader. It’s a fantastic role and I get to do so many things. You really get to understand Catherine by the end of it all.

If you could have a special power in real life, though—one from the show—which would it be?

(Laughs) Tina Minoru has that Staff of One. Man, if I could get my hands on that Staff of One, I could do some damage! She knows how to wield that thing. She wields it like a sword.


This wouldn’t be an interview about a Marvel series if I didn’t ask you about easter eggs. What can we expect?

I can say one hundred percent: the fans will not be disappointed. That’s all I’ll say, because you know what I want? I want the super fan to be sitting on the couch with a magnifying glass looking for every tiny thing, and jump up in excitement when they see the small easter eggs and the large easter eggs that we have. I don’t want to spoil that for them. They gotta jump off that couch—and they will!


Read more : https://shadowandact.com/angel-parker-on-playing-marvel-villainess-catherine-wilder-in-the-runaways

So, the show is out! This is an interview which aired yesterday which speaks of The Pride and some more info on Leslie and we had sneakpeaks of the show.!


IGN interviewed our Pride members and asked them a question if supervillians can be good parents. There answers are.. well.. watch it

If there is one thing I noticed in the trailer it was the scene with Leslie and this man on the bed. He looks very old and very strange with his skin and wears some sort of breathing mask over his mouth. Now I want you guys to know. I’m not a fan of leaked things. But to explain this post I have to dive into this for a second. So in the leaked trailer, we hear Leslie say the following words: ” Today another becomes eternal ” This looks to be said to the creepy guy on the bed. Now comic book fans will know this. The Gibborim are the creatures who gave some of the Pride their powers and connected them together. Now we know that the Gibborim needs human souls. What if what happens during the Rite of Blood, the scene where a soul gets sacrificed has something to do with this scene we see happening here.

Now why is this scene so important you may ask. If this creepy guy is linked to the girl that gets killed this could possibly be one of the Gibborim Leslie is trying to help save. Now one thing I noticed is another word Leslie said in the trailer for the show which was released. ” These kids are living on borrowed time “. We know that the Gibborim will only give 6 of them eternal life. The rest of them have to die. Now in the comics Leslie and Frank and the Hayes come up with the idea that their kids will survive and the others die. Another theory is that she said that because she knows they are dying

Another thing I noticed on the image on the side is the fact that her hair is wet? Why is it wet? Not only that Leslie also said in the trailer the following” we are going to need another sacrifice ” Meaning that the Gibborim may of not have had enough of what was given to him or them. We do not know yet if the show is having one or three of the Gibborim in the show or if they will be but my mind says they will be in the show.

Leslie in the comics never had feelings, seems like the Leslie we see on the show might have some. The scene above and the shake in her voice makes it seems she has. It’s also posssible fading away from the theory that this man we see is someone Leslie knows personally and wants to protect. We have to wait and see.

So, what do you think? Am I right or wrong?

Have you checked Twitter lately? Annie Wersching [ Leslie Dean ] posted a photo with Angel carving pumpkins for Halloween. The photo’s are posted on their Instagram and Twitter.

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