The title of this article says enough, This is my story. Welcome to my long waited script! I teased it that I was working on a script for a possible documentary, now I still don’t know if that will ever happen. What I do know is that I worked on this script and it if it ever happens, parts of this will be part of it. For the actors seeing this post. I actually exported it as a PDF for you guys to read like it’s a real script you get delivered on your doorstep. For crew members, the same for you guys. For the fans, I’ll add images too.

Each part of the script is explaining something about this site, about me, about my love for the show, and about scenes I loved. Keep in mind that this is my opinion about the show and that some of ths beginnings part of the script is talking about the early seasons of the show. Later on you will notice a section about season 2 and spoilers! Added it as an EXT part.

Scenes I didn’t add were the shipping scenes between Karolina and Nico and Gert and Chase and some might be surprised that that isn’t in this, but as I talk about the show in general, I should mention that of course they are part of it too, but for this, I want to say I’m ship neutral. I never cared about ships, and that comes with the responsibility of owning a site like this, you cannot be in for ships because you run a large fansite for many fans. So in case you were looking for this, you won’t find it. But you can always just ask me on twitter.


Script in real script format ( sort of… it’s my first time..)

Google Drive

Read below the read more button all script pages as images


All the missing posters were also part of this project! So here you have some of your fans as wanted people!


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Marvel released a video where they had a talk about the show with Stephanie and Josh about the new season!

Are you excited for the new season?


Screencaptures of the scenes in the video

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Does it ever stop? No. Marvel and Hulu are on this ” Let’s release more and more and more trailers ”


Screencaps below:

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It’s the countdown special! It’s very very cool video because it shows clips of the Hostel and new clips of the Runaways! So be sure to check this video out and love our Runaways!

Screencaptures on the link

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New trailer released by Syfy! We got some screenshots of the episode. But due to it being released on the internet only on Twitter I only got the long version.

But I hope you guys don’t mind that.


New Marvel’s Runaways content was released! Special thanks to SpoilerTV who always helps us out in times of needs! Here is the list of the episode descriptions which comes straight from the Press site from Hulu!.

Episode 2.01 – Gimmie Shelter

The kids struggle with their new lives as Runaways, but find a hideout. Alex goes to work for Darius while PRIDE plots to kill Jonah. Jonah initiates a plan to build a new box.

Episode 2.02 – Radio On

Karolina, Nico, and Molly try to retrieve the Staff of One, but Tina puts up a fight. Karolina grows closer to Jonah while Alex and Livvie share a kiss.

Episode 2.03 – Double Zeroes

Alex, comfortable in Compton and falling hard for Livvie, is betrayed. Jonah gives Leslie a mission to retrieve his DNA from the Yorkeses while Catherine exacts vengeance against Darius. Janet decodes the Abstract and Molly sneaks out to fight crime.

Episode 2.04 – Old School

Topher helps the kids break into Atlas Academy, but the plan is blown when Dale and Stacey trigger an earthquake and the parents rush to the scene. Jonah’s body continues to break down as he leads Karolina into the hole.

Episode 2.05 ‘Rock Bottom “

When the kids discover that Topher may be more dangerous than they could have imagined, addicted to the rocks that give him superhuman abilities, will they help him or will they turn their backs on their new friend?

Episode 2.06 ‘Bury Another’

PRIDE grapples with the moral implications of Jonah’s latest offer: freedom. Jonah, weakening, begins to eye his next target. After learning that Jonah is after another sacrifice, the Runaways realize they have to stop him before he kills another kid.

Episode 2.07 ‘Last Rites’

It’s time for the Runaways to stop Jonah, once and for all. But while the kids scramble to stall out Jonah’s plan, the parents unexpectedly arrive. Will PRIDE fight against their own kids or join their ranks against the powerful, and vengeful, Jonah?

Episode 2.08 ‘Past Life’

In the aftermath of the battle against Jonah, Karolina searches for answers about Jonah and the others help Alex and Livvie try to prove Darius’s innocence in Destiny’s murder. But Livvie’s curiosity just might catch up with her.

Episode 2.09 ‘Big Shot’

The Runaways face off with PRIDE’S dirty cops, Flores and AWOL. Against all objections, Alex blackmails AWOL to help. But AWOL refuses. PRIDE resolves to take the kids by force. Back at the Hostel, Karolina hears a mysterious voice.

S2 E210 ‘Hostile Takeover’

Leslie starts dismantling the cult she helped create, but Frank has other plans. AWOL uses Livvie as bait to confront the Runaways. The teens must protect Gert & Old Lace, who are sick, and AWOL’s team storms the hostel. Victor doesn’t feel like himself.

Episode 2.11 ‘Last Waltz’

The Runaways are falling apart. Needing a break, they throw Molly a quinceanera. PRIDE ramps up their new arsenal. Frank puts Leslie in a facility to bring her back to the faith. Meanwhile, the mysterious voice Karolina has been hearing becomes real.

Episode 2.12 ‘Earth Angel’

Victor recruits Chase to intern at PRIDE to prove that they are nothing more than concerned parents, Chase is skeptical. Karolina discovers Frank is holding Leslie at a detention facility and tries to rescue her mom with Nico, Molly and Vaughn.


Episode 2.13 ‘Split Up’

Angry at his betrayal, the Runways meet with Chase. He offers them a choice: surrender to PRIDE or face the consequences. As the kids attempt their escape, they’re separated and forced to survive against an enemy far more pernicious than they expected.


To see the images of the episodes Click the titles of the episodes below

Episode 2.01 – Gimmie Shelter

Episode 2.02 – Radio On




Runaways is getting a special After show! Which is amazing news! This means that the show will get 9 exclusive looks on all things Runaways via a podcast! Some of the cast they interviewed are listen below on the photo’s but what’s even more exciting is the fact that Brian K Vaughn is there too! Yes you heard that correctly! The creator of the comics will be there together with Quinton Peeples who is also part of the crew behind the show! How amazing is that!


They also posted a sweet trailer for this event:

Which is a lot of fun to hear. You can also hear Ariela talk about anxiety!


These are the topics according to


  • Series Recap / World Building: Discussion will walk through the major plot points of season one, and lightly tease season two. This includes a behind-the-scenes focus on how the team pulls from pop culture, graffiti art, current events, and other elements to create a unique Marvel television show on Hulu.
  • Writing Comics and Writing TV: Discussion of the process behind adapting the series from page to screen.
  • Music: Discussion of the music on the series and the process behind selecting tracks & the original score and the impact of each on crafting the show.
  • Feminism / Representation: Discussion of feminism, representation, and youth activism in today’s culture.
  • Past & Future: Discussion will focus on Alex’s reexamination of his father’s past to figure out his future, as well as Chase’s outreach from the future to save his father, despite their complex relationship.
  • Identity: Discussion will focus on characters’ journeys to discover who they are, and how the family you surround yourself with is a reflection of that.
  • Legacy: Discussion will focus on the similarities and differences between the Runaways and the PRIDE, as well as how both groups address necessary evils with their goals of doing good.
  • Parenthood / Family: Discussion focused on parenthood, family dynamics and the relationships between the kids and their parents in the show.
  • Relationships: Discussion will focus on the biggest relationship shockers of season two. Lies, betrayal, infidelity… what kinds of relationship hurdles are too big to overcome?


All episodes will be available to download via or via Itunes. Whichever you prefer! Or Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app following the second season premiere on Hulu.

In Season Two of the series, the Runaways have left their homes (and evil parents) behind and now have to learn to live on their own. As they scavenge for food, search for shelter, and take care of one another, our kids begin to realize, for better or worse, they’re stuck with each other. And it’s up to them to take down PRIDE once and for all. But someone sent a mysterious message to Jonah… Is there a mole in the Runaways? Meanwhile PRIDE. is focused on finding their children, and Jonah has his own dangerous plan in mind. The series stars Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Gregg Sulkin, Ariela Barer, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Brittany Ishibashi, James Yaegashi, James Masters, Ever Carradine, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Kevin Weisman, Brigid Brannagh, and Julian McMahon.

All 13 episodes will be available only on Hulu on December 21 and is co-produced by Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios. Marvel’s Runaways is executive produced by series co-showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (“THE O.C.,” “GOSSIP GIRL”) along with Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger,” “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”).

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The second Marvel’s Runaways trailer is out also, released on Twitter. So i’m sorry for the bad quality of some of the images.

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Another trailer and more social media posts screencaps as well.



Images of episode 4 and the new Runaways promotion poster!


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